Sheet Configuration

First and foremost, whatever you configure here is always related to the selected source sheet. You might have many sheets in a spreadsheet, this way you can configure each sheet to use a different output folder, template, mapping and configuration.

Source Sheet

Currently selected sheet (the source sheet) in the add-on. You can Switch to any other sheet in spreadsheet. Add-on will restore entire configuration for that newly selected sheet if it was configured before.

When you want to process a sheet or open an editor the active sheet (selected in spreadsheet) and the source sheet (selected in the add-on) must match.

Output Folder

Select an output folder. All generated artifacts will be saved there.


Select a template you want to use for the selected sheet.


Open mapping editor.

Output Configuration

Open configuration editor.

Configuring Sheet

There are few things you have to always configure in order to process the selected source sheet:

    1. Switch to the sheet you want to process in the add-on
    2. Select a template you would like to use
    3. Provide mapping between template tags and source sheet columns
    4. Adjust output configuration

Restring Configuration

Once you switch to a sheet add-on will:

    • restore output folder
    • restore last used template
    • restore mapping for the template
    • restore output configuration