Values from mapped column will be inserted into document as images. Make sure values in mapped column are always links to images you want to merge. You can link images stored in Google Drive or on the Internet. Add-on supports PNG, JPEG and GIF formats.


Choose if add-on should keep the original size or resize the image. Possible options:

    • Keep original size - add-on keeps the image intact
    • Set width - set width in pixels, add-on will resize height to keep aspect ratio
    • Set height - set height in pixels, add-on will resize width to keep aspect ratio
    • Custom size - set width and height in pixels


You can set link to make the image clickable in the output document. Links can be taken either from a column or you can set link for all images.

Here is an example. In the Image column are links to images you want to insert. In the Link column are links for the images. Image in the output document will be Homer Simpson eating a donut and pointing to wiki page about him.

Shorten Link

Furthermore, ad-on can shorten a link an image is pointing to. This option is available when you set Bitly access token.

Link Source Column

Select a column where links will be taken from. Each image will have a link you provide in the column.

Set Link

Or set a link. All images will have the same link.