QR Code

Values from mapped column will be inserted as QR codes.


Select QR code size.

Shorten URL

Add-on shortens URLs before they are encoded into QR codes. This option is available when you provide Bitly access token.

NOTE: Make sure you provide valid links including protocol (http:// or https://) otherwise Bitly might throw an error.

Background Color

Select QR code background color.

Foreground Color

Select QR code foreground color.


Similar to images, if you want to make QR codes clickable provide a column where links will be taken from or set a link.

Shorten Link

Furthermore, add-on can shorten a link QR code is pointing to when clicked in a document. This option is available only when you set Bitly access token. In most scenarios encoded link in a QR code and a link where the QR is pointing when clicked will be the same but might differ.

Let's have an example. Let's encode URL https://docs.anymerge.com into a QR Code and let's have that QR Code be clickable in a document as well taking users to the same URL as is encoded in the QR code.

Users end up at the same URL by clicking the QR code in a document or by scanning the QR code.

Link Source Column

Select a column where links will be taken from. Each QR code will be pointing to a link you provide in the column.

Set Link

Or set a link. All QR codes will have the same link.