Free Quota

You can use the add-on free of charge. However, you can generate only 20 documents in a row. Then you have to wait one hour to reset your quota. Furthermore, each document contains a link to in the header and the footer.

Use the free quota to experiment with the add-on to see if it suits your needs and helps you automate your manual tasks.


Once a pass is active, you can generate as many documents as you need*.

NOTE*: Please keep in mind that Google imposes its quotas for the number of documents you can create per day. For a standard Gmail account, it is 250/day. For business accounts, it is 1500/day. More details.

Year Pass / All Users / 199$ / Year

Activate the AnyMerge Docs add-on for all users in your domain for a flat price of 199 EUR / year / all users. No matter how many users you have in your domain, you pay a single price. Domain activation request.